L E S S O N S 

My lessons are geared towards teaching how music works as a language in a way that will enable students to play by ear and put it at their fingertips without necessarily needing dots on a page.
Alongside learning songs, lessons focus on how those songs work and the building blocks of music; chords, scales, technique, theory, ear training, listening to music (and reading if you want). Understanding music at a deeper level allows you to find your way around the piano, unlocking freedom and creativity whilst becoming a well rounded musician. 
If you want to be able to figure out how to play a song by ear, improvise, accompany yourself, play your way through a set of chords or jam with other musicians, this is a great way to learn!  
I have students of all ages and tailor lessons to suit each person. I try to make sure that lessons are as fun and inspiring as possible to encourage that students enjoy learning, practice well and continue to make progress.  
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