P R I C I N G 

I'm happy to accept bank transfer or cash payment either after each lesson or for a chunk at a time, whichever works best for you. 

30 minute lesson £22 (Best for kids)

45 minute lesson £28 (Best for teenagers)

1 Hour lesson £34 (Best for adults)

Plus any parking charges if applicable  

2 siblings having 30 mins each consecutively charged at the hourly rate


Lessons are only available on a weekly scheduled time slot. Once a slot has been agreed, I ask that students commit to all term time lessons (school holidays optional and flexible) Cancellations for any reason must be paid for as that slot has been allocated to you. Should you cancel, I will, however, try my best to see if I could rearrange the lesson for another time during that same week but this may not always be possible. Obviously if I need to cancel for any reason, which I will only do if absolutely necessary, then the lesson will not be charged. If you decide to completely stop lessons, I will require at least 24 hours notice before your allocated slot or the 1 final Lesson would still be charged. Thanks

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