Max has taught both of my children keyboard over the last few years. His lessons are fun, tailored to their individual interests, and adapt according to how their interests develop. My daughter started learning to play to accompany herself singing, but now really enjoys making up her own compositions and learning more complex pieces. She’s taking music GCSE at school and

"Max’s lessons really help with keeping her confidence high"

My son learned to play some favourite songs, and then to read, for his Duke of Edinburgh skills section. The lessons include a surprising amount of music theory along the way, without killing the fun.  His deceptively laid back approach manages to cram loads into each session.

"I hear a lot of great music, laughing and positivity coming from Max’s lessons"



"Lessons with Max are always really fun and we have a laugh"


whilst also practising pieces and learning theory. A great part of learning with Max is getting to chose which song you'd like to learn as then you can build up all your favourite songs and there is a great sense of achievement in choosing a song then a month later being able to play it fluently."

"Max’s approach makes practicing the piano enjoyable and never a chore"


as his lessons don’t involve putting a lot of pressure on us.  The lessons are fun and easy-going as he encourages us to play around with the pieces to make them our own.  He’s also very good at explaining the theory side of music and makes sure we’re moving at our own pace so we always have a good understanding of what’s going on in the piece.

Max was highly recommended to us by a family friend. Both of our children have enjoyed lessons with Max for 3 years now. A highly gifted musician, Max teaches with a careful balance of improvisation and structure.

"We cannot recommend Max’s teaching highly enough"

He is always very patient and focused, teaching the children to respond to music in their own individual way. We’ve even benefitted from a few lessons ourselves! 

"Max gives the kind of piano lessons I wish I had received as a child"


Max has been – and still is – a brilliant teacher for my son. He came up with some great songs that our son managed to learn from very early on.

"It’s always about giving him the confidence and skills to actually play"


 Max is constantly thinking of new ways to make things interesting, and as a result my son has surprised us all with what he can do, and with his willingness to practice.




My son has learnt so much already and leaves every week full of confidence and eager to practice.

"He is an awesome teacher and has the patience of a saint with my six year old!"


This is his first real experience with music and he is really loving it! Max makes it look so easy and is always relaxed and happy. Couldn't recommend any more!

Max has been teaching my children keyboard for two terms now and, after three previous piano teachers, it has been exciting to watch their knowledge of music grow.  Because he is so naturally musical himself he understands that a 'painting by numbers' approach to learning isn't for everyone. 

"He has taught them those things you wish your fusty old piano teacher had taught you"


(instead of whacking your knuckles with a ruler during a feeble execution of the scale of G major, once you'd done C major - yawn - and then progressed to D), like interesting combinations of scales, inversions, playing by ear; recognition of intervals and improvisation (oh, I so wish my piano teacher hadn't made me so dependent on dots!).

    "We're delighted that at long last, our children are getting a real,  underpinning knowledge of music"


from someone who really understands all aspects of his instrument.  (Oh, and they really like him as well, which, as every parent knows is a big plus)



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